How To Become A More Positive Person – Part 1

We have a guest blogger, Ryan Rivera, today and tomorrow.  As we approach Thanksgiving, it seems especially important to remember to be a positive person.

Ask nearly anyone who has suffered through mental health issues and you'll find that their outlook on life has soured. Depression and anxiety feed into negative thinking, and negative thinking is a detriment to your ability to recover because it reduces motivation and prevents your ability to cope with stress.

Stress coping, in general, is your brain's ability to overcome stress and adversity. There are numerous stress coping strategies, including:

  • Deep Breathing
  • Yoga
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

But, true stress coping is not something that you do, but something that your mind is able to do. Stress coping is your own ability to experience stress and mentally overcome it. In many ways, it's like a muscle. The stronger the muscle, the more you can “lift” your stress away naturally, without any drugs, treatments, or even stress coping strategies.

It is essential to regain your ability to think positively. Without the ability to see positives, and without the ability to believe in better outcomes, you lose the power to change your life. The longer that you suffer from negative thinking, the more strength you surrender and it is hard to climb back without serious help.

How to Learn to Think Positively

People who have gotten stuck in negative and cynical thinking begin to believe that positivity is out of their reach. In a way, it's almost seen as a joke, because cynicism can breed the idea that positive thinking is naive thinking, an affliction of individuals who fail to understand the harsh realities of the world.

But, the reality is that positive thinking is possible, and you can train yourself, provided you're willing to commit to practice some techniques. tomorrow, in the next article, we'll look at strategies you can use to create positive thinking.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera's is an anxiety specialist who dealt with his own negative thinking when he suffered from anxiety. He writes about overcoming anxiety at




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