Uncle Sam Wants Me!

Well, not me exactly, but he wants my book, “The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits.” It  seems that the US Army is offering an online Master’s degree in Strategic Intelligence and my book is on their reading list.  As I understand it, the course is geared to help officers in military intelligence learn about the traits of different types of  (unsavory, I imagine) people.

I think that this has earned me a guest spot on Criminal Minds, or my personal favorite crime series, NCIS.  At least a badge – all I have now is my library card, and memberships to the gym, Chicago Botanic Gardens, NPR, and AARP.  An intelligence officer’s badge would put me in a whole new category of card-carrier; out with the aging intellectual, in with the spy.

Learning that the military is using my book has, once again, reminded me that once we put an idea, writing, photo, or book out in the world, even before the web, we no longer have control over where it goes, how it is used, and who is influenced.  Hmmmm.

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