The Book is Finished !

There is a feeling of emptiness at endings.  Even with projects that bring me joy, like writing a book, a certain vague feeling of anxiety sets in alongside the pleasure when I reach the conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong.  I didn’t want to continue writing this book forever.  I want to see it, not as words on my computer screen that give me a headache, but as a shiny, bound, published, beautiful book (we still have not been privy to the cover design).  Finishing up a project that has taken almost 2 years is a great feeling but…

Yesterday at 2:24 PM, I pressed “send” and emailed What Do I Say? The Therapist’s Guide To Answering Client Questions, my latest book, to our editor at John Wiley & Sons. During the last few days, my co-author, Charlie Waehler and I were e-mailing furiously about small things that had suddenly assumed great importance because time was running out. One brilliant interchange was: Me: “Why did you change ‘cannot’ to ‘does not’?  They have very different meanings.” Whew, we solved that one.

I think that I understand these last days – it’s about the effect of endings on TIME and SPACE. Not Einstein’s time and space, just Edelstein’s.  When time runs low, everything in my world speeds up, including anxiety.  It is all about getting it done, getting it done well, what did I forget, what don’t I know, and that sort of concern.  Space is different. Ending a huge project that has occupied my mind and my computer screen leaves space in my day. I wonder, ‘what is next?’  This has happened often enough to teach me that there has always been a ‘next’ and usually a terrific one.  I have to be patient and see what appears in that space – it always works. For now, the space has meant that  my laundry is folded, my home is clean, and my sad, empty refrigerator has been filled with good food (I ran out of Lean Cuisine during the edits), and I started browsing sites for a summer vacation in Maine.

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One Response to “The Book is Finished !”

  1. November 10th, 2010 5:17 pm

    congratulations!!! cannot wait to read it. all of the doc linda books are wonderful.