I think that it was the psychologist Carl Jung who wrote about warnings. He believed that warnings were messages we received regularly, but acknowledged that we did not always attend to them. It is up to us whether or not to listen. Maybe we get one warning, maybe more.  Warnings can be gentle, without flashing lights, so they might be easy to miss.  Most warnings don’t come complete with loud beeping horns.  It is probably more like hearing whispers.  If we ignore the first whisper, we might get lucky and receive a second or even a third.  We have a choice about whether to listen or ignore the information. Think about events in your life – did you have advance warning about some of them, that something was developing?

I like the idea of warnings because it blows away the tired, somewhat unbelievable idea of “it happened out of the blue,” “I had no idea,” and “I never saw it coming.” “Out of the blue” is rare. Yes, people can be surprised, even shocked but often, they have had small warnings that they didn’t understand or didn’t attend to.  We often pick up information but can’t decipher it; just can’t “get it” yet. Other times, we are busy and miss the warning.  Unfortunately, sometimes we just don’t want to know so we minimize or discard the information

 I like the idea of warnings. To me, it contains a great deal of common sense. Perhaps I also like the implied notion that we actually can exert some control over these odd lives we live and maybe we can occasionally be prepared.

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