What Is Worry?

When you are anxious and have no successful methods to calm yourself, you are unable to escape your feelings. Unless you become a hermit and hide out, you have no place to go.

            So you worry more!

            You anticipate more negative consequences!

            You try to figure out ways to avoid the bad consequences that you have imagined!

            You try to remove the danger!

                               Worry and “What if?”

The future is impossible to predict so you play the “what if” game.

You worry about possibilities

You worry about surprises

You worry about solutions

 There are ways to help yourself – here they are:

                                     Worrying Can Be (somewhat) Useful

Worry is an attempt to keep your anxiety (fear) in check. Use your worrying in the following ways:

  1. Think about your problem in order to develop a plan to solve it.
  2. Narrow down the problem instead of enlarging it.
  3. Encourage diversions and other engaging thoughts and activities rather than exclusively attending to your problem.
  4. Confine your worrying to a specific ½ hour each day at the same time and place and then, afterward, you redirect your energy.
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