Final Edits

I’m editing the final draft of “What Do I Say? The Therapist’s Guide To Answering Client Questions,” my newest book, written with Charlie Waehler (coming out in May).  As much as I loved the thinking, the writing and even the creative editing of different chapters – that’s how much I hate editing grammar.  It is boring beyond belief.  Trying to concentrate on the placement of commas is torture, only to be outmiserabled by reviewing footnotes (the waterboarding of editing).

It requires an entirely different set of skills to write than to edit.  The first round of editing unleashes the critic – that’s good; I can be quite critical.  But the last round of editing requires a level of OCD, obsessive/compulsive disorder, that I don’t possess.

The manuscript has to be returned to the publisher within about a week and a half.  To get through this process, I reward myself frequently.  I started slow, demolishing a pepperoni that I carried back from Rome as I read the first couple of chapters. The next few chapters required a container of Ben and Jerry’s Heath Bar Crunch (I highly recommend it), but these small containers don’t last very long, so I switched to ice cream sandwiches. I had to stop rewarding myself with food so I switched to tea.  I’ve brewed more tea than the Queen’s minions during Garden Party season. Time for another switch –  for each of the next several chapters, I got to play three rounds of Boggle Bash for every chapter that I completed. At some point, doing laundry looked appealing but then everything was clean, folded, even ironed. Ironed!!! I have 4 chapters to go and there aren’t any more articles to read about Kate Middleton’s wedding dress so I’m screwed.

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