Midlife Change

Some years ago when my book, “The Art of Midlife: Courage and Creative Living for Women,” was still forming itself in my mind, I asked Melanie (pseudonym) if I could interview her.  I knew that she had quit her job at age 50 in order to become a full time artist. I wanted to understand the process of making such a dramatic change at midlife.  I wanted to know about her motivation, her feelings, the reactions of others, and the outcome of her midlife change. Melanie said, “One day I realized that it isn’t enough to wake up and say, at least I don’t have cancer.”   That statement has remained in my mind as a very ‘midlife’ comment.

Melanie meant that she wanted to stop thinking fearfully. Instead of being glad that her life wasn’t awful, she wanted to consciously create a life that was more to her liking. She wanted to begin to think – and live – in ways that seemed closer to the woman she knew herself to be. As it turned out, after she quit her job, she did not become a full time artist.  Instead, she started her own business and was very fulfilled with that creative endeavor.  She also made significant changes in her personal relationships and began to feel less like a doormat.  Melanie’s goal remained the same – live a life that fit her fifty-year-old person.  It’s a great idea (and an ageless one – to try to create our lives so that they reflect our deepest beliefs, use our talents, and bring us closer to our dreams. 

 In the posts that follow, I will explore different facets and questions of midlife.  Also, many more interesting ideas and interviews can be found in my book, “The Art of Midlife: Courage and Creative Living for Women.”

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