Relief From Anxiety (Part 5)

What relieves anxiety?   There are many techniques that are available and some work better for certain people.  You will have to figure out what works for you. 

1. Talking about your anxiety can help (best with a professional) but it can also cause you to dwell on your emotions. Bottom line: the type of talking makes the difference.

2. Meditation helps.  Studies consistently show that meditation improves anxiety but it takes time to learn these techniques. Bottom line: it works and is long lasting but is an investment of time and energy.

3. Medications are available for short term relief or long term, continued usage.

A is for Anxiety (part 1), was posted 12/17. Anxiety Lies (part 2), was posted 12/24. Generalized Anxiety Disorder (part 3), was posted 12/31.  Next Friday – Is Anxiety Mental or Physical?

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