Destabilized ! Out of Balance ! Changing!

People often come into therapy when life is out of whack. Even if times have been rough for awhile, perhaps a long time, the feeling of destabilization or being out of balance is terribly disconcerting, brings up frightening emotions, and is effective in driving people into treatment.

It reminds me that most of us get used to things – good things or bad things – as long as there is some consistency. We come to rely on sameness, whether we like it or not.  Even bad relationships can be consistent, rotten but dependably rotten.  When sameness becomes change, all bets are off.  Once life is in motion, it is difficult to predict when it will settle down, how it will settle down, and what it will look like.  The motion, the change, is rough.

It is a good time for therapy.  As long as the pieces of your life are flying about, why not try to rearrange them in a manner that will be beneficial to you in the long run.  It makes little sense to just wait and see what happens – passivity about your own life is rarely a good idea. Getting into therapy provides the chance to review your situation, learn about yourself and make some smart decisions going forward. It takes guts (and the right amount of fear) to get counseling, but at least it gives you the chance to have a say in the next phase of your life.

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