Grandparenthood can begin in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or later, depending on when you had children and when your children also had kids. Because life expectancy has increased, today’s grandparents will know their grandchildren for a long time and may become great-grandparents or even great-great grandparents. When I was a kid, no one seemed to have many grandparents alive but today’s children may easily have all four (or more if there have been divorces and remarriages).  No one knows yet just how this abundance of grandparents will affect today’s children.

 Recent studies have classified grandparents as:

Companionate – affectionate and informal; sees their grandchildren at least every couple of months.

Remote – reserved; sees their grandchildren (infrequently)

Involved – affectionate; sees the kids like the companionate grandparents but involved grandparents also folks help out, run errands, and are involved with making decisions.

The majority of grandparents fall into the first category, Companionate, but there is no good and bad.  Whatever works best for your family is the way to go!

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