Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the feeling of inadequacy that persists even when evidence says that these insecurities are unwarranted. You experience chronic self-doubt and feel like you are a fraud or a fake. 

Cal Tech counseling center website has a good description.  Here are 3 points that describe the Impostor syndrome:

1. You feel like a fake; you do not deserve your success. You are deceiving people. You may be “found out”, discovered or “unmasked”.

2. You attribute your success to luck or to other external reasons and not to your own  abilities.

3. You minimize your success. You are likely to discount your achievement by saying, “it is not a big deal.”

 You may have learned these attitudes from parents or from other significant people or, you could have developed this problem on your own. Impostor feelings relate to an inability to internalize past and current success. The answer?  Keep reminding yourself of the realities that you have succeeded and the accomplishments are real and came about through your own work.

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