Why Do People Make Changes At Midlife?

We do see people make changes in their lives during midlife and some transformations are dramatic. The sense that time is running out creates an urgency that we have not experienced earlier in life. Time running out doesn’t mean that death is around the corner, but it does mean that time no longer feels endless. Time cannot be wasted. Time becomes more precious than it used to be. The feeling is, “I better make changes now while I am healthy and able because I don’t have forever.”  This is the emotional state that propels changes at midlife. Are the changes always smart? No. But some are excellent and may be changes that need to be made and probably should have been made earlier.  When we feel urgency, we don’t always act gracefully so sometimes midlife changes feel (especially to outsiders) abrupt, impetuous or awkward, even if you have been mulling them over for years.  The man who quits his job, the woman who wants a child at 44, the affairs, divorces, purchases, trips and other decisions may be fueled by, “I want __(fill in the blank) and if I don’t do it now, I never will.”

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