Idiosyncratic Factors About Midlife

Most people will approach midlife the way that they have dealt with other tumultuous periods of life. Your history, your personality, and your collected experiences all contribute to the way you will deal with midlife issues.  If you take life’s challenges in your stride, midlife may go smoothly.  If you are psychological, you will approach the issues in your normal, insighful way.  If you are timid, you will likely be timid about change unless you have done some hard emotional work.  If you have been able to deal with losses, you will face the developmental losses of midlife better than another person who runs away from loss.  If you comfortable with emotion, you will be less rocked by whatever feelings emerge.  If you have a lot of regrets, midlife might hit you hard.

People are more consistent than not.  We all follow patterns. If we have been open to new experiences, we are more likely to remain so.  If we frighten easily, we will shy away from doing things differently. The best preparation for midlife is to become a person who is not terribly afraid of change; who understands that change is a part of life. Then, when the inevitable changes associated with aging, children leaving, parents’ failing, and health, you will not be rocked to your foundations.

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