Superstitious Behaviors Increase When We Have To Wait

Superstitions and rituals occur when we wait for important events.  So, it is before the game or meeting when people get out their lucky charms and special pieces of clothing.  When we are busy doing something –  playing, talking, selling, presenting – we don’t use out talisman.  Beforehand is when the uncertainly and anxiety about the outcome occurs – that time of uncertainty is when superstitions Miten toimitkin, tervetuloa netin Casinoiden maailmaan! Kasinot tarjoavat netissa jannittavaa ja piristavaa rahapeliviihdetta. or rituals take place.

 Superstition does not indicate psychopathology. It is not schizophrenic behavior, nor obsessive- compulsive behavior.  It is ordinary behavior but is not usually discussed. Superstition is too common to be considered abnormal.  It is simply a way to try to control the uncontrollable.

 The above ideas are taken from Stuart Vyse’s book Believing in Magic: The Psychology of Superstition published by Oxford University Press, 1997.

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