What Do Grandparents Like Best?

Most grandparents fondly remember the years from birth to adolescence as their favorite days of grandparenting.  Adolescence often brings a cool spell to the relationship. Later, when the grandchildren have their own kids, some closeness returns but the grandmoms and granddads are now quite a bit older and can do less.

Most young adults express strong respect and affection for at least one grandparent.  For many, their grandparents had acted as liaisons between them and the parents (when needed), provided advice, and understood them when no one else seemed to.  Grandparenthood is very special because it is often a bond that lacks the friction that often exists in the parent-child relationship.  Grandparents can avoid the discipline, arguments and judgments. They do not have the primary responsibility for raising this generation. They can go home. To the grandchildren, grandparents can offer wisdom, reassurance and support.  No wonder that the relationship is so unique and valuable.

 What makes grandparenting so satisfying?

1. Grandparents enjoy the ability to spoil and indulge their grandchildren.

2. Grandparents like being central to the child’s activities.

3. Grandparenting gives life meaning.

4. Grandparenting is a role that older people enjoy.

5. It is rewarding to be a resource for the next generation.

6. Grandparents like to reminisce and pass on stories.

7. Grandparents gain a sense of immortality through the generations to follow.

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