The Dry Spell In Writing

I used to get very anxious when I finished any writing project. My mind got so unpleasantly empty. I worried that I would never have another idea – ever. This kind of anxiety makes no real sense – I don’t have to write. I write because I love almost everything about it. My job as a psychologist doesn’t require writing and I’m busy with my clinical responsibilities. In fact, when I have a writing project going on, I have to fit it around my clinical work and I wind up adding hours and hours to my week. 

I think that the anxiety comes from the nothingness – the emptiness after a piece is finished. Maybe artists feel this way when a picture is completed – I know that many writers have the same experience. I’m sure that many writers have trouble letting go of their piece because they don’t want to feel the nothingness that will follow. It is the feeling of being neither here nor there – not involved in the previous project and not yet committed to another one.  What I have learned (the hard way, of course, there is no other way) is that this empty place is absolutely necessary even though it raises anxiety.  There has to be room for the new ideas to creep in.

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