WA = Writers Anonymous

For those of you involved in any serious 12 step group, don’t read this post. It’s irreverent. 

I’m going to start a new group – WA – Writers Anonymous.  It is for all those people, like me, who are addicted to writing.  Are you a potential member?  If you aren’t sure that you belong in WA, here are some warning signs:

1. You are devoted to continuing your blog even tho it gets 2 hits a week (and those are from your mom or your best friend in Connecticut).

2. You carefully examine and purchase new journals (at least once or twice a year) with different cover designs. You consider this an exciting activity.

3. Your shelves are filled with these journals, filled and empty.

4. You have calloused fingers that are not from playing guitar but from hitting the keyboard. Or, you have an obsession with purchasing pens and have developed favorites, whether they are roller balls, opti-flows, uni-balls or some other ridiculous name

5. You spend time, energy and money on writing workshops.

6. You read the articles like “How to get easily published” “How to be your own agent” “How to write a foolproof book proposal” or “How to write about your crazy family without them finding out.”

If you have more than 3 of these telltale signs, ooooh, you may be addicted to writing.  You can join Writers Anon or, if you are determined to continue this problematic addiction, you can buy The Writer’s Guide to Character Traits and put it on the shelf with your journals, the thesaurus, and the articles about writing and time management.

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