Real Life vs. Imagination – Writing Exercises

You don’t need a fabulous imagination to write. You only need to be a constant observer of the world around you.  For instance, I’ve been so busy writing that I haven’t gone in to clean up the spam that has accumulated in my blog.  for a long time, I was unaware of it and then I had to figure out the controls to keep it at bay. So, it left me going through each goofy spam comment and deleting them one at a time.  At first I found it annoying but then I realized that some were pretty amazingly evocative. 

 My original point was to observe the world around you and treat it as writing material. Well, here are some delights from my spam – any one of these could make a great short story (or a terrific exercise for your writing group).  Hugh Jackman Workout Routine, Taylor Lautner workout routine (imagine comparing the two), Chicken Coop Plans, Scholarships for Minorities, Left-handed Scholarships (is this a left-handed scholarship or is it for left-handed people?), Nova Scotia Tourism (a romantic short story), Kasper Petite Suits, London Escorts, Money To India, Police Car Auction (definitely a thriller), Evil Eye Bracelet and Rats As Pets.  It make me a little sad to set the spam and ping back controls and have to say good by to all these offers.

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