10 More Fun Topics for Writing Exercises

I’ve posted writing exercises before – on July 22 and August 10 and here are some more. The idea is to just pick a topic and write for 20-30 minutes; create a scene or write an essay, draft a short story and don’t think about it – just let it flow. These also come from the spam I’ve collected on this website.

 Here are some topics that could make serious, action, or funny scenes. 

 1. Climbing Mt. Hood,  2. Plastic surgery, 3. Damage to my property, 4. How to get abs (wholesale or retail?) 5. Free bingo, 6. Photos of ghosts 7. Add-ons for your Weber grill, 8. Techniques to stop snoring 9. The least expensive places in Europe, 10. Bright teeth.

 Have fun.

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