Great Creativity Comes From Using Both Side Of The Brain

One of my favorite theories about creativity says that truly creative people operate from both sides of the brain. In effect – they are mentally bi-sexual.  This doesn’t translate into sexual behaviors; we are talking about thinking creatively because you use freely from different areas.Much has been written about the left and right sides of the brain and how they are good for primarily different things. Some people think of them as masculine and feminine, others consider the sides to be creative and logical.  That is simplistic (and your brain is not!) because, although there are tendencies in the brain to have lateral functions, in case of injury to one side, we see that the other side may be able to take over.  However, you can see that the ability to use both sides of the brain equally would be a great advantage. It’s a goal!

If you are an early career clinician, a professor who teaches interviewing skills, or a clinical supervisor, you will find my newest book, “What Do I Say? The Therapist’s Guide To Answering Client’s Questions” (with C. Waehler, published by John Wiley, 2011) a  practical, useful addition to your library. 

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