Buying A Car Is A Rorschach Test

I hate buying cars. As soon as I say that I have a 12 year old Honda Civic with manual windows, you will understand how little I care about automobiles.  My car has only 73,094 miles but a skateboard would be more comfortable so, the time has come to upgrade.

Here is the Rorschach test.  Everybody sees cars differently. This is going to sound quite stereotyped and all those other things that I have fought against during my entire life but, when I tell my women friends that I need a new car, their eyes glaze over – instant cataracts.  My friends, as enlightened feminists, have lived good, equal lives but, when it comes to cars, they (except for one woman) have no interest. A few roused themselves to extend sympathy and remind me not to let the salesperson mess with me.  One friend stirred long enough to suggest that I talk to her husband.

Talking to men is entirely different.  In no time, I gathered more information than I know what to do with. Here are the best suggestions:

Get a tush warmer

Get a tush cooler (this was brand new to me)

Get a hybrid

Get a luxury car that is used (Isn’t a Honda civic a luxury car?)

Never get a used car

Buy online

Don’t go alone

 P.S. A meticulous friend decided to get rid of his 2006 Honda Hybrid (13,900 miles) and I bought it immediately.  I saw it in the dark garage but that didn’t matter. Unless the bumper was dragging in the street, there was a body in the trunk, AND it made noises like last week’s storm, I was going to buy it.

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