How To Tell If You Have a Strong Writing Network

Writing projects (books, screenplays, dissertations) bring up the issue of your writing network. Most writers need other people’s support/encouragement/critique/ at some point in the process.  Some writers like to include colleagues in the idea stage and others wait until they have a draft to discuss. There are no rights or wrongs but it is wise to figure out what YOU need.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your writing network:

  • Who do you turn to when you want to discuss ideas?
  • Who reads your work?  Polished?  Rough?
  • Who is your advocate? 
  • Who do you trust?
  • Also ask yourself:

    1. What are your barriers to writing?
    2. If you are reluctant to share your work, why?
    3. What are your weaknesses in writing? In receiving feedback?

    The answers to these questions will tell you whether you have a strong supportive network and whether you rely too much on one or two people, and can guide you to developing the network you need in order to work effectively.

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