The Library Rocks!

I just went over to the library to pay my latest round of fines. This ought to be a line item on my budget because it has become a regular activity, more often than hair cuts. But, the library is the only institution that I pay happily.  I resent parking tickets and taxes and extra fees on airline tickets, although I understand that I am responsible and I do pay up.  But I love the library – it seems to me to be the best deal in town, even when I keep books too long or lose a disc from an audio book and have to pay my fines and penalties.

 Today I was in line behind a dad, a large dad who looked like he belonged on the football field, and his 5 kids, all boys.  Maybe they weren’t all his biological kids because their ages seemed awfully close and their races differed but he was clearly dad-for-the-day, in charge of the group and this stop was the library.  He had let them all take out a couple of books and, while they were checking out, he  reminded them about the loan policy and how it worked.  They got it (I obviously don’t). When the librarian asked one of them a question (which I didn’t hear), the kid announced, “Today is my birthday and the library rocks!”  Something must be going right with the world when a kid wants to take his friends (on his birthday) to the library and announce, “The library rocks!”

If you are an early career clinician, a professor who teaches interviewing skills, or a clinical supervisor, you will find my newest book, “What Do I Say? The Therapist’s Guide To Answering Client’s Questions” (with C. Waehler, published by John Wiley, 2011) a  practical, useful addition to your library. 


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