I’ve been thinking about this topic since Yom Kippur in October.  It ways comes up at Yom Kippur because the Torah portion for the holiday is the Binding of Isaac. Thinking about Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice (read ‘kill’) his son has to raise far more questions than provide answers.  I’ve actually thought about this before, and even written about it some years ago, but today I have a new way for me to think about it.

I guess I want to pose the question: who is your master?  Clearly, Abraham chose to follow God’s instructions.  He didn’t follow his own wishes. We have no idea what his wife Sarah would have said if he had consulted her on the matter.  “Sure Abie, whatever you want.  Just be home for dinner.”  Or  maybe her response would have contained something with more bleeps, screams, and heavy thuds.  We don’t know.

Who is your master?

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