Books About Divorce

On November 18,2011, I posted a list of books for children.  Here are more books about divorce for children and parents to read.

Why Don’t We Live Together Anymore?: Understanding Divorce; Interactive exercises and discussions   by Robin Prince Monroe

Don’t Fall Apart on Saturdays!  The Children’s Divorce Survival Book by   Adolph Moser and David Melton

 Mom’s House Dad’s House     [for parents]     by Isabella Ricci

 Let’s Talk About It: Divorce     by Fred Rogers

 Let’s Talk About It: Stepfamilies by Fred Rogers

 I Don’t Want To Talk About It   by Jeanie Franz Ransom

Dear Daddy     by John Schindel

Kevin and His Dad by Irene Smalls

 Families are Forever!  Kid’s Workbook for Sharing Feelings About Divorce  by  Melissa F. Smith

 Vicky Lansky’s Divorce Book for Parents: Helping your children cope with divorce and its aftermath   by Vicky Lansky

 How to Survive the Loss of a Love       by Peter McWilliams 

Marital Separation by Robert Weiss

If you are an early career clinician, a professor who teaches interviewing skills, or a clinical supervisor, you will find my newest book, “What Do I Say? The Therapist’s Guide To Answering Client’s Questions” (with C. Waehler, published by John Wiley, 2011) a  practical, useful addition to your library. 


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