Countries with High Emotional Exhaustion

I was recently reading a study about well-being and, included in the data they collected was a scale that measures emotional exhaustion. I’d never seen this before and found it interesting to see which people ranked themselves highest on Emotional Exhaustion. In my world, there seems to be an ongoing competition for who is most exhausted and conversations go like this,

“How are you?”

“Exhausted. I worked a gazillion hours, haven’t slept in 3 weeks, watched the political candidates debate, cleaned my basement flood, and put my dog to sleep. How are you?”

“WELL, my ceiling fell down, I strained every muscle in my body and a few outside, spent all night in traffic, lost everything in my computer crash and my hair stylist quit.”

 So, let’s see who are the really tired people:

1. South Korea

2. South Africa

3. Pakistan

4. Japan

5. India

Looking over the list, I’m embarassed; no more whining.

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