Sexualization of Young Girls

You don’t need 20-20 eyesight to be horrified by the sexualization of young girls. The trend permeates the media, making it hard to get away from that display.  It becomes appealing to young girls. They begin to think of themselves in ways that conform to these harmful stereotypes.  APA (American Psychological Association) has developed a plan to counteract the sexualization of girls. Here are some of the components:

1. A fact sheet for teachers that explains the negative effects

2. Using social media to counteract sexualization with messages about achievements in sports and school.

3. Building support for legislation called the Healthy Media for Youth Act.

4. Organizing a briefing for federal agencies to show research.

5. Participating in “Day of the Girl” to advance civil rights and educational status of girls everywhere.

Here are 2 good sites for young girls: and New Moon Girls Online.


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