Off Time

Off time is a concept developed years ago by sociologist Bernice Neugarten, an expert in adult development.  The notion of ‘off time’ is that we (the big ‘we’ – society) associate certain happenings with certain ages or stages, for example, people go to college around 18-20 or people get married between 18-35 years old. If we are “off time”, not doing whatever-it-is when expected, we Viagra 50 mg feel uncomfortable and may even feel like something is wrong with us. People who begin college early, at 16 or late, at 43 are quite uncomfortable and other people don’t help them much. Think about a person getting married at 12 years old (it seems strange) or after 45 (also seems strange).

Some “on-time” events are tied to biology, puberty for example, but others are created by the culture in which we live, even the small culture of the town or neighborhood.  However they occur, we come to believe in being “on-time” enough to feel decidedly out of the mainstream when we are “off time”.  This may explain why some events in your life have been less comfortable than others.




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One Response to “Off Time”

  1. February 1st, 2012 7:41 pm

    This makes total sense. These “off-time” expectations can cause a lot of anxiety if we hold them to tight. I’ve let go of all that in recent years and just figure things will happen when I am ready.

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