Defense Mechanisms part 2

On Friday, I posted explanations of the 4 most popular defense mechanisms theorized by Sigmund and (later on) by Anna Freud.  prednisone 20mg side effects Today I want to describe 4 others that are discussed less frequently.

Today’s defense mechanisms are a little fancier: Sublimation, Reaction Formation, Undoing and Isolation.

Sublimation – This is not really a defense but refers to the ability to successfully navigate a defense, redirecting an unacceptable impulse into something acceptable. For example, aggression can be redirected to surgery, law enforcement, litigation or being a butcher.

Reaction Formation – Creation of an attitude that is opposite to the felt emotion. For example, love becomes hate or hate becomes love.

Undoing – This is the behavior getting rid of a real or imagined result usually by some performing some ritual.

Isolation – Experiences are kept separate from emotions. You can see this in action when someone remembers a highly charged event but the feelings associated with the event are gone.




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