How To Improve Your Self-Control – part 1

Trouble exerting self-control or will-power may be at the root of some of the behaviors you like least. So, today and tomorrow, I have posts describing what we are learning about self-control and how to manage it a little better.

Prof. Roy Baumeister’s new book “Willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human Strength” (wow – what a modest subtitle!) is filled with results of experiments about self control or willpower.  He and his co-authors make the point that many of today’s problems, such as: addictions, overeating, crime, domestic violence, sexually transmitted diseases, debt, education failure, lack of savings and more, have some component of self-control failure.

Baumeister is an entertaining speaker and relies on solid research for his writings. He asserts that self control can be strengthened. But, what I found more fascinating, was the fact that self-control or will power is a limited resource. It can be depleted. For example, if you spend your morning making important decisions, your self control in the afternoon will be worse. Visa-versa is also true. After you exert self control, you will find that the next decisions become simpler and easier to make.

Here are a couple cialis free sample of examples. I passed on the jelly doughnut (which I love) at Dunkin Donuts this morning when I got my coffee.  Therefore, it will be harder for me to pass on some sweet with dinner (sure enough, I bought a chocolate marshmallow candy on the way home before dinner).  More seriously, and as every parent knows, here is another example.  You keep your temper all day and don’t get into an argument (that you really want to have) with your partner.  But, when your kids are snotty later on in the day, you let loose.

You are not operating at full capacity for self control or will power.

Stay tuned – on Friday I will have some ways to improve your self-control…………

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