10 Facts about Texting, Email and Relationships

I’ve certainly wondered what impact texting and email has had on relationships so I did some investigating.  Recently, I found a bunch of studies that have researched this topic so I will report the gist of the findings without going into great detail about methodology.  I have included researchers’ names if you want to look them up.

1. The use of Facebook is associated with increased jealousy in relationships (Muise, 2009)

2. Cell phones have become the most safe online viagra common and easiest way to connect with others. (Green, 2003)

3. Adolescents and emerging adults (20s) love cell phones and texting. Why? Because non-face-to-face communication gave them the option of talking to multiple people at once, to leave large gaps in the conversation, to conceal truth, and to immediately clarify misunderstandings  (Madell, 2007)

4. Adolescents and 20 somethings know that texting leads to misunderstandings but they still believe that it gives them more time to figure out what they want to say.

5. Texting (as opposed to face to face) is especially vulnerable to misunderstandings because tone of voice and facial cues. The nonverbals are important aspects of interpersonal communication that help enhance the clarity of messages and this is missing in texts.

6.  Many couples believe that texting has improved their relationships because it allows them to remain in constant contact with one another, especially when apart.(Pettigrew, 2009)

7. Some scholars have found that the sheer amount of overall couple communication alone was significantly correlated to relationship satisfaction, especially for women. (Rehman, 2007).

8. Young people use email, texting and cell phones more often to communicate with their partner than older individuals (except for 17–25 year olds who use fewer e-mails to communicate with their partner than all other age groups).

9. In a study of 1000+ subjects (average age = 32 years), the most common reason to use email, text messages and cell phones was to

1. express affection (75%)

2. discuss serious issues (25%)

3. apologize (12%).

10. Individuals who were in relationships for less than 1 year were less likely to use the media to discuss a serious issue with their partner, but more likely to use the media to hurt their partner, broach a potentially confrontational subject with their partner, and apologize to their partner for something than those who had been in a relationship for a year or more.

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One Response to “10 Facts about Texting, Email and Relationships”

  1. April 6th, 2012 8:54 am

    Fascinating post, Linda.

    It’s certainly true that our relationships really are technology based and influenced these days. Guess that’s just a sign of the times we live in.

    The whole Facebook and texting craze has affected many of my friends relationships, as you say, due mainly to lower face to face contact. Sad but true.

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