A+ On The Eye Chart

I had 2 illuminating conversations today. One of these would have been unusual; the odds of having two similar discussions on the same day (for a psychologist) must be astronomical (maybe I should have bought a lottery ticket).

Here goes (obviously names are changed):

Cathy: “I got new glasses.”

Me: “Cute” (I also just got new glasses)

Cathy: “I had to take them back because the prescription was wrong.”

Me: “Oh?” (or some similarly brilliant remark)

Cathy: “I strained my eyes looking at the eye chart so that I could read the lowest line so they made me glasses that were wrong.”

A light went off for me. I also had gotten glasses and remember sitting

in the chair straining, squinting to read the lowest line but before I think more about it, Cathy adds, “It was an eye ‘test’ and I wanted a good grade!”

We laughed and laughed and then went on to try to understand how that fit in to many behaviors.

Less than 3 hours later, I had an almost identical conversation with a 35 year old man.

What do we all have in common?  We heard the word ‘test’ and wanted to give it our best attempts without realizing that frowning, squinting, and straining were not the finest strategies for eye tests and were not going to give us the best results, i.e. glasses that would help us see better.  Generations of test takers, achievers, hard workers !!!! Ohhhhhh

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