Involve Others In Your Writing

I am lucky to have different people who will talk with me about writing and/or read my work but I never gave much though to what makes them so helpful.  With help from Sol Stein’s book Stein on Writing, here are some collected ideas on involving others in your work.

Other people (friend, writing group, teacher, colleague) provide the emotional distance that we don’t have towards

our work.  Have someone else read it (without ruffles and flourishes and see if your words stand up).

Editors, although these are vanishing creatures and you are more likely to find a snow leopard, also provide distance but they also have experience reading other writers, tools, and like all good teachers, they can save time and mistakes if we bother to listen.

Bottom line about others: GET TOUGH, it isn’t easy to hear criticism but it is the fastest way to improve your writing.


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