This herb will basically have little to no affect on weight-loss and will eventually not influence the libido if your libido is already healthy, as well Ashwagandha is not a metabolic booster best exercises for fat loss By doing that, you balance out your hormones and other bodily functions that are controlled by the Endocrine System. Once that happens, weight loss naturally happens. have a peek at this website Ferulic Acid what is the best weight loss drug Okay, that s it for the first 30 day of the slow carb diet. No book to buy. No supplements to take. No fitness club membership. No exercise equipment. How much simpler could be? diet soup recipes This is probably obvious to those who experience a menstrual cycle. However, Tim being a bachelor himself, he thought it important to point this out. When you retain water during your cycle, your weight is not an accurate representation of your progress on the slow carb diet. sudden weight loss and disease Listening | Linda N. Edelstein, Ph.D.


Listening is a skill that many people learn as one aspect of their training to become a psychotherapist.  Some people already know how; many others, therapists and regular people, never quite get the importance of listening.

The answer to being a good listener is simple: Stop thinking about yourself.  Stop wondering how you look, stop hoping you are smart, and stop thinking about your next comment. Get engaged in the conversation with the person speaking to you.

                                                                 3 major points about listening

1. Listening is not a passive activity; it is active.

2. Listening is not the annoying pause between saying what you think and saying more about what you think.


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Listening is as useful as talking (sometimes more so).

My new book, co-authored with Charlie Waehler, “What Do I Say? the Therapist’s Guide To Answering Client Questions is coming out in May, 2011.

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