Creative Aggression

When I write the term ‘creative aggression’, I’m using using Dorothy Kantor and Toni Bernay’s definition and understanding. Creative aggression means taking initiative, being a leader, speaking out. Unfortunately, when women are creatively aggressiv

e, they may be seen in a bad light, as bossy, bitchy, or dangerous.

Even today, behaviors that are completely acceptable for men can be iffy for women. I think that it helps for women to be able to associate aggression with creative forward movement, making things happen, beginning and completing projects, and expressing autonomous views.

I feel compelled to write about these sorts of ideas, less for women my age, but for young women coming up in business or academia who are bright and ambitious but hobbled by assuming power or authoritative positions.

Power isn’t always seen as compatible with the characteristics we tend to associate with women: compassionate; soft; loving; empathic. All these qualities can exist alongside strength, power and creative aggression.

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