What is Hospitality?

(I wrote this when I was in Puerto Vallarta in February)     

Being on vacation with warm weather, a shining sun (coupled with a good breeze), a beautiful hotel, terrific food and time to do whatever I want – wonderful, wonderful wonderful.  It has made me think about hospitality because everyone here is pleasant, provides service, and is being helpful. I appreciate every bit of it but one thing as stood out for me as hospitality – and I”ve got pictures to make my point.

Each day, when the maid makes up my room, she twists a towel into a new animal shape.  sometimes she puts eyes or facial features on the towel – they are always adorable and a bit of a surprise when I come in.   Why do I find this more of an expression of hospitality than all the other gracious behaviors?  everyone here is eager to serve and constantly

attentive.  However, the towel creatures are charming, humorous, and not really necessary.  Something about the gesture feels a notch above.  It is something to think about when I have guests, parties, book club, or am otherwise hosting and want people to feel welcome.  I doubt that I will do any towel twisting although she did offer to show me; it”s the idea of doing something charming and unnecessary – above and beyond.

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