Media Influences On Behavior

Most of us believe that the media influences our behaviors, but how?fast payday loans

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are random bits of information detailing media influence taken from various studies; some are amusing, others are disturbing.

1. Upset losses in an NFL game lead to a 10% increase in violence toward an intimate partner; expected losses have insignificant effects. (Card & Dahl, 2011).

2. Better television reception (one additional channel) in Indonesian villages led to a 7% drop in attendance at social clubs and an 11% drop in attendance at group meetings. (Olken, 2009).

3. Introduction of cable television in rural India decreased the probability of being pregnant by 53% (Jensen & Oster, 2009).

4. Availability of soap operas on Brazilian TV decreased the average number of children by 1% and the probability of giving birth that year went down by 6%.

I have no comment.

Source: Family Relations Journal, Price and Dahl pages 363–373, July 2012

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