Project Runway and Personality Dynamics – Today We See Passive Aggressive Behavior

When I started this blog, I announced that it would be “ideas from psychology that make life better”. Time for an amendment… “and fun” Seduccion Elite – Del Seductor David Del Bass – 60% De Comision

e-behavior/dreamstimefree_157135/” rel=”attachment wp-att-3398″>Life is better with a little trash thrown in so, as of today, I will share

ideas about two trash topics (drum roll, please) – Project Runway and the British Royal family. Both are compelling. The first because it is creative; the second, well, I don’t know. It is other worldly. Why any country would want a monarchy is completely beyond my powers of comprehension but as long as they wave, I will wave back. The Royals will have to wait for another post.

Project Runway is in season 10. I don’t have the skills to comment on the design techniques but I certainly can weigh in on the individual and group drama. This week’s lesson was about Passive Aggressive behaviors. More people ask me to describe Passive Aggressive behaviors than any other. On the show, watch Christopher and learn. From the beginning, he has come across as very sweet and he clearly thinks of himself as kind and guilty and helpful. But, his behaviors are quietly aggressive. Most episodes have showcased one form of passive aggressive behavior or another. He makes an aggressive, demeaning comment and then insists that he is trying to help or didn’t want to say anything. He behaves aggressively and then retreats into guilt so he is not blamed. It is an excellent demo. When you watch, look for non-assertive behaviors that are later disavowed, “I was just trying to help” or “I didn’t want to…” “Oooh, was it my fault?” always wide-eyed. The general impact of passive aggressive behaviors is that other people get very angry; then they look like the unreasonable party in the interaction.

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