Vacation 101 (part 2)

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Belgrade Lakes, Maine

I have vacations on the brain. Following up on the post from 7/20/12, here’s another vacation tip that I learned by doing it wrong for a thousand years. Before going on the vacation, maybe

when you are still in the planning stage but after the location has been chosen, here is a good question to ask each member of the traveling party (include children, skip pets).

What are the one or two things that you want to be sure that we include in the trip?

You might be surprised at the answers because they can range from:

1. doing things – visiting a certain site, going to a famous bar, trying a new activity, shoe shopping

2. not doing things – not getting up early, not cooking, not being responsible for a younger sib, not shopping, not keeping a tight schedule

3. being – time to relax, time alone, meals together

What I have learned is that when I know all these things ahead of time, it isn’t difficult to plug in most of the must-do wishes. The important elements get programmed in first while there is still flexibility. Other desires can be negotiated (get up early on certain days to do certain things) and some opposing wishes can be dealt with (I will exercise while you shop). People suffer less disappointment and no one goes home saying, “I wish we had…”








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