Multiple Choice Test Myths – Changing Answers

Do you believe: When you are unsure about the answer during a multiple choice test, you should stick with your first answer?Real Writing Jobs

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If you said ‘yes’, you are wrong but you have a lot of company. Kruger (2005) found that almost 75% of college students said

‘yes’ and 55% of teachers also said ‘yes’.

Ludy Benjamin (1984) reviewed results from 33 studies published since 1928 that examined answer-changing behavior on objective tests. Their analysis showed that only a small percentage of people change their answers but when they do, they generally change from wrong to right.

We remember the times when we changed from right to wrong more clearly because we are suffering from regret about our decision.

And today’s lesson, boys and girls – Go ahead and change those answers; you will do better !

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