Obsession With One’s Self

Enough about health ! The first 2 posts this week were about nature and relationships – let”s get back to obsessions.

All obsessions have one

thing in common – preoccupation with something or someone that interferes with your life. One obsession is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder and it is a preoccupation with your body coupled with an inaccurate view of your body, i.e. “I am fat” or “I have wrinkles,” problems that an objective observer doesn’t see.  People with body dysmorphic disorder imagine defects or exaggerate small, existing defects. Then, they pay excessive attention to the ‘defect’; they cannot be reassured or reasoned with and ‘fixing’ the defect takes up huge amounts of time and attention.

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or, for a mystery novel about obsession, read Object of Obsession

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