Sugar Problem? Re-define “Treats”

Sister to sister (an organization for women”s heart health) is encouraging people to eat better during this holiday season AND maybe even shed a few pounds. Check out their website and join the challenge.

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When my doctor informed me that my body and white sugar were enemies, I had to choose sides – my body won.  However, I love sweets; almost any sweet will do but, donuts remain at the top of the list.  I had a promiscuous sweet tooth so, I was in trouble.  Ice cream, cake and candy were my friends and I am a loyal friend.  These delights were my rewards for hard work; they were my 3 PM pick-me-up; they were the goodies that signaled vacation or relaxation. I was not prepared to give up “treats” so my solution had to be: re-define treats.

I’ll share my thinking with you; perhaps it will help you to come up with solutions of your own so that you can cut down on sugar in the new year.  I went through all my ideas about what could be my new treats.  Shopping is too expensive, I don’t like crowds, and I can’t nibble on a new blouse.  I wanted substitute foods that would please me – I didn’t want to feel deprived all the time and I didn’t want to become that crabby person who is always complaining about the foods not eaten.  I realized that I love fruits and decided that I would treat myself to whatever ones I wanted, even if they were out of season.  I even paid more attention to different types of apples – embarrassingly foodie.  I toyed with the idea of upping fatty foods and pizza but more carbohydrates

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to my solution for food.

Here are my decisions about cutting back on carbs and white sugar and this plan has worked successfully for nine months:

1. Eat fresh fruit.

2. Enjoy high quality foods, whether it is fish or fruit, or anything else (still cheaper than eating out or getting sick).

3. Never get hungry –  I will gravitate towards sugar like the lemmings to a cliff.

4. Always carry a snack; I take apples (the banana odor emanating from my bag  is a no- no).

5. Plan, plan, plan.  Think ahead, shop ahead, have food in the fridge, have food ready.

Good luck.

There are other obsessions besides food……….


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