Partners In Love and Business – Part 1

It’s challenging enough to be good partners in a love relationship, how in the world do people manage when they also work together?

Here are 9 potential problems of being a couple plus working together

  1. Too much togetherness. Partners spend hours together at home and in the office.
  2. Running a company together can exacerbate any existing tension in a relationship, for example, if you don’t like your partner’s spending habits at home, you won’t find them pleasing in the office.
  3. Power struggles. Disagreements can feel like someone wins and the other loses.
  4. Communication breakdowns.
  5. Difficult to keep the business from becoming your entire focus.
  6. It is hard to keep disagreements at work from becoming disagreements at home.
  7. You may experience emotional stress without the relief of

    other people.

  8. A joint venture can shock a couple”s finances.
  9. You have put all your business eggs in one basket so, if one of you fails, both fail.

Wednesday, I will post 9 solutions…………please come back

Please comment if you know of other problems that we ought to watch out for.

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