9 Solutions To Working With Your Spouse – Part 2

Here are 9 solutions to being a couple in work and love.

Monday, I posted 9 potential problems about

being partners in love AND work. Here are 9 ways that people solve those problems.

  1. Have clearly defined roles so you each know your responsibilities.
  2. Keep lines of communication open. Don’t assume.
  3. Have business meetings just like you would with any partner.
  4. Formalize the relationship the same way you would with any business partner. Put your plans in writing, especially at the beginning of each new project. It forces both of you to think through issues that might arise later.
  5. Be very intentional about how you plan to manage the business. You can diffuse arguments by going back to your plan.
  6. Decide ahead of time who has the final say on which specific, important issues.
  7. The happiest working couples may be those that have complementary strengths. Be yin and yang. Similar personalities or skill sets don’t work together as well.
  8. Talk about problems as they arise. Don’t let them build up until they boil over.
  9. Leave your domestic gripes at home

No matter how good your intentions, sometimes you simply won”t agree. Compromise if you can. Being with any person all day, every

day is rough for some and great for others although most people need time alone. Best of all, you have higher levels of trust than many other business partners enjoy.

I would be interested, and so would many others, in learning about more solutions that partners can try.

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