Puppy and Kitten Videos Are Good for You!

Do you get as many cute puppy and kitten photos and videos as I do? Well, it turns out that they are good for you!

A Japanese university gave 3 groups of people different tasks to perform twice. In between the two task performances, the people were shown pictures of either puppies and kittens or adult dogs and cats. The ones who viewed kittens and puppies did better on their next tasks than the people who looked at

adult dogs and cats.

Why? It seems that two processes are at work.

1. The pictures of the cute, furry creatures make tasks more approachable.

2. The little creatures induce careful behaviors in viewers and that helped participants complete the next task better.

Plos One 9/26/12

Not as cute as kittens

and puppies but a good read………. Object of Obsession


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