Judy Collins at S.P.A.C.E.

The top 10 posts from the last 2 years. I know that everyone else does this as a beginning-of-the-year thing in January, but…..

I was surprised to see which posts received the most hits. Here is # 5 (originally posted July 18, 2012)

Last Thursd

ay, I heard Judy Collins sing at SPACE in Evanston. The venue was perfect but Judy could sing in a dumpster and still sound like an angel.

She was one of the folk icons from my generation and I (plus the rest of the audience) was very moved by her performance, filled with the old songs we remember so vividly. The strangest aspect of the evening was this:

I was standing (it was SRO) in the aisle and, as she walked to the stage, she passed inches away from me. She looked her age, 73. Lovely and healthy but still 73. This surprised me because, for 50 years, I had only seen album covers and photos of her. Then, as she sang, she grew younger and younger in my eyes. Within half an hour, she was a young woman performing and the intervening years were gone.

I had the same feeling at my high school reunion. People were unrecognizable at first.

They were middle aged strangers when I walked in but, as we talked, as I remembered them, I reconfigured their features to those I recalled from years ago.


not only beauty, seems to be in the eyes of the beholder.


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