Obsession With Dead Celebrities or MFDC

This is an odd post but I enjoyed learning this information so here is today’s bit. Dead celebrities are big business because fans still worship them and, more importantly for marketing, fans will buy products associated

with them. You may wonder: how do you market a dead celebrity? I’m going to tell you……..

  1. Choose a dead celebrity with the same gender as your target market, i.e. a dead baseball player for your male age group.
  2. Men, more than women, are more prone to identify with dead celebrities so you may want to target men.
  3. Depending on the type of product or service being offered, emphasize nostalgia (longing for the past). The dead celebrity coupled with the good-old-days is a winner.

P.S. in the literature, MFDC means ‘my favorite dead celebrity’

To read a psychological mystery about obsession, check out Object of Obsession


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