5 Absolutely Important Influences To Know About Eating

What motivates us to eat this food and not that one?  Or, to not eat?  With all
the available knowledge, we are still having problems with consumption and
obesity.  It is worse than ever before.Chips and beer

What motivates you? Let”s look at 5 important influences of which you may be unaware.

1. Smaller plates make portions seem larger.  Large plates make portions look small and we all seem to like LARGE-appearing portions better. Hint: use smaller plates and fill them.
2. Dieters rely on labeling heuristics (mental short-cuts like common sense or guessing) more than non-dieters do  (study by Irmak, Vallen, Robinson). Hmm… looking for advice?
3. Perception matters.  When healthy eating is imposed on you (diabetes management, dieting, illness), you perceive yourself as hungrier than you probably are (study by Finklestein and Fishbach). This one is me!
4. Dieters rely more on cues from labels (healthy, low fat) than non-dieters and feel the greater influence (McFerran et al).
5. Social influence is so huge that you will select a larger quantity of
something simply because you saw a previous consumer make that selection. Scary to think that they influence your decision but I”ve done exactly this is restaurants or buying something at a counter.

source: Journal of Consumer Research, 2013.

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