Give Your Mind A Rest

Psychologists at the Universities of Kansas and Utah came up with a not-very-surprising conclusion.  They found that when people took a break from theirdead tree silhouete electronic devices by going hiking in the wilderness for 4-6 days, their scores on creativity tests increased.  I totally believe these findings, but I doubt that it was just about the hikers leaving their cell phones and computers behind (which seems to be the researchers” conclusions).  I suspect that it was nourishing to leave their lives behind, ditch all the stimulation, step away from the clock for a little while and use other parts of the brain – i.e.,  see beautiful mountains, walk until you are tired, eat simply, and have unscheduled time.  People were in novel environments, they had different stimuli, their minds were less cluttered.  I would love to know more details about what happens to our minds during these periods that increase creativity.

Source: PLoS One, Dec 12

If you can’t go hiking, take a break and read Object of Obsession

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