Post-Menopause and Memory Impairment?

Relax, I have some good news for you.  I have heard many women complain
that memories problems skyrocketed while they were going through dreamstimefree_9548323menopause.  This certainly seems to happen to plenty of women but the question of whether your memory improves again (and when) has not been discussed – until now.  We have some information.  This is the first study that I”ve read that addresses the issue of memory impairment and menopause directly.  U. of Rochester neuropsychologists studied 117 women and found that yes, memory problems, especially verbal learning and verbal memory worsened right after menopause, BUT that was the worst point in time.  So, get through menopause and life, or at

least memory, improves.

Menopause, online Jan.2

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